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HFA Series Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridges

출시 시간2019-01-04
유효 기간2019-07-03

Description The large diameter geometrical design of polypropylene pleated high flow filter cartridges enlarge surface filtration area, high dirt holding capacity to save the quantities of filter cartridges, high flow rate when filtration efficiency exceed 99%. high flow filter cartridges are wide range of chemical compatibility and applications, the ideal option for industrial high flow water filtration system to protect RO membrane. Feature 1. Gradient pore structure of high flow filter cartridges provide layered filter function 2. Outer hard cage can withstand higher pressure than Pall Ultipleat high flow filters made by soft netting 3. High flow filter cartridges are high filtration efficiency, lower waste disposal costs and more economical 4. Inside to outside filtration pattern of High flow filter cartridges ensure holding all impurities stay inside the pleated media 5. The highest flow rate of High flow filter cartridges could get 110 M3/H and Beta 5000 rated (99.98% efficiency) 6. The reduction of filtration system space maximum 50% and lower maintenance costs when use High flow filter cartridges 7. Materials meet FDA requirements, wide chemical compatibility, no resins, binders, or adhesives and 100% integrity testing Application 1.Paints and coatings 2. Microelectronic, film and resin 3. Water treatment in Power generation 4. RO Pre filtration and sea water desalination 5. Solvents, API and water filtration in Bio field 6. Bottled water, high fructose, edible oil, soft drink and milk

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