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Sell Fiberglass Geogrid

출시 시간2017-02-10
유효 기간2019-02-10

Asphalt Reinforment Fiberglass Geogrid Company: Huatao Group Limited Website: Description Fiberglass grating is made of high quality enhanced E-glass fiber yarn, the use of foreign advanced warp woven into the substrate using warp directional structure, full use of fabric yarn strength, to improve its mechanical properties, it has a good tensile strength, tear strength and creep resistance, and high-quality asphalt coating treatment after the plane made a network-like material. Which follow similar principles of compatibility, focused its composite performance of asphalt mixture, and fully protect the glass substrate, the substrate is greatly improved wear resistance and shear resistance, which can be used for road enhancement, resistance roads and other diseases produce cracks rut, ending asphalt pavement is difficult to enhance the problem. Specification  1. Mesh Size:  conventional geogrid mesh size of 12.7mm and 25.4mm. 2. Width : 2m, 4m and 6m. Or as request.  3. geogrid strength, width and mesh size can be customized according to user requirements 4. Loading: 20ft container, 40ft high container

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