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Sell Flat Yarn Woven Geotextile

출시 시간2017-02-10
유효 기간2019-02-10

Company: Huatao Group Website: Description Made from PP ( polypropylene ) or PET ( polyester ) flat yarn on circle weave machine . Specification 1. 1-6m width , length as customers’request Property 1.Light weight , high strength , low elongation , easy to construct 2.Separation , Reinforcment , Draginage , Filtration , Protection , Fencing function and so on . Application 1.It can be used in areas of railways , highways , sport fields , earthwork projects , tunnels , coal mines , walls , slope and environmental protection and so on . 2.It could achieve all kinds of geotechnical projects needs such as Filtration , Separation , Reinforcment , Protection , Drainage and so on function

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