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Sell PP spunbonded nonwoven geotextile fabric

출시 시간2017-02-10
유효 기간2019-02-10

Company: Huatao Group Limited Website: Description HUATAO Nonwoven geotextile is water permeable made of 100% polypropylene continuous filament fibers. It is designed with a combination of a high initial modulus and a high elongation. This gives a resistants to damage during and after the installation. This type geotextile is a reliable solution for a broad array of engineering structures and installations, wherein it fulfills separation and filtration functions. The nonwoven geotextile with High strength, and vertical and horizontal to the same strength. Widely use in Road, Highway, High-Speed Rail, Water Conservancy Project (Dams,levee etc), Environment Protection application. Property – PP Continuous Filament Nonwoven Geotextile 1. Polypropylene density is small, so polypropylene geotextile and polyester geotextile compared to the same strength, with greater coverage. 2. The special structure of polypropylene continuous filament geotextile has excellent Acid and Alkali resistance, especially alkali resistance is better than polyester material geotextile. The effect is better than pulyester whrn use in the soil acid-base strong undersground protection, reinforcement, waterproofing, seepage, sepatation and other projects. 3.Polypropylene Continuous Filament Geotextile has good hydrophobic, non-absorbent, in the water supply and drainage works better than polyester. 4. Polypropylene fiber surface friction coefficient is small, the friction between the fiber is small, and has good wear resistance, anti-vibration friction performance.

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