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Sell automatic handbag rope tipping machine

출시 시간2021-10-24
유효 기간2022-04-22

Description We produce and export high quality full automatic gift bag rope tipping machine. The automatic gift bag rope tipping machine special used to produce the gift bag rope aglet.Our full automatic gift bag and shopping bag rope tipping machine quality is excellent, the price is competitive. Please contact us if you need our full automatic gift bag rope tipping machine. HT100 Type full automatic handbag rope tipping Machine Specifications: Power:0.75kw/three phase Rope length:30cm-100cm Production ability:4250pcs/hour Dimension:2000mm*1200mm*1500mm Weight:650kg Quality Control: All the machines will be inspected carefully before delivery. Oversea service: We have agent in different countries, so oversea service is available. Certificate: CE Packing: The quantity under 10 sets packed in single wooden case, over 10 sets order will load in full container.

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