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Sell microfiber spunlace nonwoven fabric

출시 시간2017-12-01
유효 기간2019-12-01

Microfiber spunlace nonwoven fabric Tel:+86-311-80690567 Features Microfiber spunlace nonwoven fabric with good water absorption, good flexibility, good air permeability, toughness, easy processing, easy to wash, easy to suture, sterile and other characteristics of health. Application 1. medical cloth: such as medical gauze, surgical cloth, mask cloth, bandage cloth, ointment cloth, wound paste, patient service, sheets and other disposable medical cloth; 2. Sanitary products: Household rags, wipes, wet noodles, facial masks, magic towels, Roujin volumes, beauty products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers and disposable sanitary cloth; Specification Width: 1.8m Gsm: 40-130g Color: any color

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