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Sell spunbond pp nonwoven fabric

출시 시간2017-12-01
유효 기간2019-12-01

Feature: High temperature performance, high temperature performance (polypropylene can be used in the 150 ℃ environment for a long time, polyester can be used in the 260 ℃ long-term environment), anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, high elongation, stability and good air permeability, corrosion resistance , Soundproof, moth, non-toxic. Purpose: The main material of spunbond nonwovens is polyester and polypropylene. Spunbond non-woven fabrics are the main products of polypropylene, polyester (long fiber, staple fiber) non-woven fabrics, our most common and most commonly used is the application of non-woven bags, non-woven packaging, etc .; for spunbond non-woven Easy to identify, the general two-way fastness is good, the general spunbond non-woven roll point is diamond-shaped. The level of application can also do flowers package cloth, luggage cloth, etc., wear-resistant, solid feel good and so on the characteristics, so he became the best choice for the production of such products. Specification: S. double SS,SSS Gsm:9-200g Width:1.15m -2m per customer’s requirment Color:white,black,grey,pink,yellow etc treatment:hydrophilic, anti-UV etc,hydrophobic, Style:diamond,seasome etc Application: 10-40gsm for medical and hygiene:such as baby diaper,Sugical cap, mask 15-70gsm for agricultural covers,wall cover etc 50-100gsm: for home textile,shopping bag,suit pockets,gift bags, sofa 50-120gsm: for sofa upholstery, home furnishing, hangbag lining 100-200gsm: blind window, car cover

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